Miami Attorney Albert Goodwin

Albert Goodwin, Esq. is an attorney who has a wealth of experience in the estate law field. His practice is focused on complex and high net-worth estates. He creates estate plans involving trusts, Limited Liability Companies and annuities; administers estates with business and investment holdings; and conducts estate litigation which involves difficult to litigate issues – mental competence, manipulation of elderly people, valuations and hidden assets.

Mr. Goodwin is committed to educating the public about estate laws. He has appeared live on NPR to answer estate law questions from the public, has given a presentation on the use of trusts in Walls Street Journal’s Smart Money Expert Series, has appeared on Discovery Channel’s documentary “The Will,” and consulted CBS on their drama “Person of Interest.”

Mr. Goodwin has been invited as a Judge in Moot Court Competitions, has authored many articles and maintains numerous blogs and is a lecturer on the topic of Estate law.