If your parent made a will, they appointed a personal representative to handle the administration of her Miami estate. A personal representative has the responsibilities of managing estate assets, paying creditor’s claims and making sure that all estate taxes have been paid before estate assets are distributed to beneficiaries (more on this in our personal representative guide).

If you are the personal representative, you may feel that you are not able to handle some of the routine business or legal matters that may arise or you lack the time to do so. Many times an executor of an estate or trustee of a trust will hire an experienced Miami probate and estate attorney to assist them with their duties.

The following are common legal matters that may arise where a Miami probate and estate attorney can be helpful:

• Filing of a probate matter in the Miami-Dade probate court
• Appearing at court hearings
• Meeting court or estate tax filing deadlines
• Defending against a will or trust contest
• Handling estate litigation and creditor’s claim matters that must be settled
• Preparation of accountings
• Finding missing heirs
• Sale and purchase of real estate or other personal property
• Managing a business or selling a business
• Managing financial accounts
• Property management

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