If a Miami probate has been established, probate matters are of public record and anyone can check with the Miami-Dade probate court to determine the status of the will and to obtain a copy of it. Hiring a Miami probate and estate attorney to check with the court for you or to locate the family, executor, trustee or estate attorney if no probate has been filed is another way of finding out the status of a will or an estate.

Since it is only necessary to open a probate in Florida when a Miami resident dies owning assets in the person’s sole name, not every estate is subject to probate in Florida. If the decedent owned assets jointly or assets were transferred to a trust for the benefit of the decedent’s heirs and beneficiary’s, then it would not be necessary for the will to be filed or a probate to be established with the court because the assets would be exempt and transfer automatically to the joint owners or named beneficiaries regarding a financial account or life insurance policy. Contacting the estate representative would be the best way to find out the status of the estate.

If the person is a celebrity or someone of notoriety, a local Miami newspaper or national newspaper such as the New York Times or Washington Post may report the person’s death and information concerning the status of the decedent’s will and estate or provide contact information for the estate representative. There may also be information concerning the status of the person’s will or estate available online in an obituary notice or other legal notice such as a notice to creditors or posted on a family member’s social media or Facebook account.

Interested Party’s Right to Information about a Miami Resident’s Will

If you are an interested party to a Miami estate and wish to find out the status of a Miami decedent’s will and estate, it is recommended that you speak with a Miami probate and estate attorney. The attorney can help you make inquiries as to the status of the decedent’s will and help you obtain a copy if you are a beneficiary or heir and wish to contest the will or contest an accounting or file a claim against the estate.

Miami Probate and Estate Attorney

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