When looking for a Miami estate attorney, you can fall back on the original attorney used by your loved one to create their will or handle their estate or you may need to find someone new. However, this will not work if the document is contested, because an attorney will not be able to testify a proceeding in which he is the attorney.

If you are looking for a new attorney to help you with Florida estate law, you can get recommendations from friends and family. But be mindful that many attorneys do not have enough experience in the Probate court, which has a different procedure and deadlines then other courts. Many Miami attorneys do immigration and real estate closings, and don’t have the experience in probate.

Advertisements in Miami newspapers, telephone directories, radio or television have the disadvantage of nor providing enough information on an attorney – you only get sound bites.
Trying a local probate court can work. Those living in smaller communities are lucky in the sense that court clerks know local attorneys. They may be able to refer you to the attorneys they think are good, but you still must do your own research on them.

Most lawyers are aware of the above mentioned sources of referrals. Therefore, they will endeavor to make a good name for themselves through actual practice. To get to the best estate planning establishment, you need to discern between those who are true to their word and the untrustworthy.

One way to do this would be to go through the reviews written by previous clients. Read the reviews and, where possible, ask for more information from the reviewers. If the attorney was good, they should have enough praises coming from all sides of the spectrum. Following this advise, you should be able to land on the best estate planning legal expert you can get.