If you are an interested party to a Miami estate and receive Miami probate court papers, don’t panic or throw the papers away. Open them and try to identify who the parties are that are involved, what type of action is necessary, paying specific attention to whether there are any scheduled hearing dates, notices requiring you to attend such hearing dates, response deadlines and/or production of document requests. You can also try and call the Miami Probate Clerk’s office and or go down to the court in person if you live in this area in order to ask the Clerk about the papers and whether there are any current hearings scheduled or responses that are due. You are also allowed to obtain copies of documents relating to the probate, except for financial matters, which are not of public record.

Types of Miami probate papers that you may receive:

• Notices of hearing dates regarding litigation will contests and accounting challenges
• Subpoena to appear in court
• Responses to litigation document requests
• Motions and Hearings regarding various routine estate administration matters
• Matters pertaining to establishment of guardianships
• Trust matters

The Miami-Dade Clerk’s office will try to help you and to answer your questions, but they will not assist you with preparing probate documents and they will not give legal advice. That is why most people hire an experienced Miami probate and estate attorney for legal assistance on probate matters and to help prepare documents that meet the court’s guidelines and probate rules.

To ensure that you don’t miss any important deadlines, then it is always best to immediately take the papers to a Miami probate and estate attorney for review. Since probate matters are complex, it is best that an attorney be involved in probate and estate matters because there are many technical rules and regulations that a non-lawyer may not understand. Without the proper legal representation and guidance, an interested party may not know what to do or what is expected of them, miss an important hearing or deadline, jeopardize not getting a claim against the estate paid or miss an opportunity to contest a will or formal accounting. The attorney can explain the court paperwork and guide you through any formal probate processes or prepare any necessary responses that may be needed as well as represent you in court, if necessary.

Miami Probate and Estate Attorney

If you are a party to Miami estate and need assistance with the review or response to probate court papers you received, it is recommended that you speak with a Miami probate and estate attorney immediately to assist you.

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