Whom You Hire Does Matter

When someone you love dies, there are many responsibilities you have when it comes to how to handle that person’s final wishes and distributing his or her property. Regardless of whether or not your loved one had a will, there are things that must be done to deal with an estate, and the law and the process needs to be followed, meaning that you most likely will want to hire an estate attorney.

What many people will wonder is what type of attorney to hire in such as situation. The best option is always to hire a Miami estate attorney, who is accustomed to dealing with estates, the issues that come with them, and nothing else, meaning that whatever complications come about with the estate will be dealt with.

Many families want to deal with the same attorney that the family has been dealing with for years or even decades. This is not necessary, nor is it advised. While a general practice attorney may be able to handle many different types of transactions, closings for example, there are some complications that can arise when it comes to estates where the family attorney either does not know exactly how to deal with the problem or simply would not be allowed to because of a potential conflict of interest between family members. With a Miami estate attorney, potential issues such as estate tax issues, debt payment priority and even will contests are something that would be second nature to that attorney and would handled much more efficiently.

Another thing that many families tend to believe is that they are obligated to use the same attorney that wrote the testator’s will to handle the estate. In fact, this is not the case at all. A family is allowed to use any attorney they want to handle an estate. In some cases, it may even be advisable, especially in cases where there is the possibility of some sort of undue influence or fraud where there was the possibility of involvement or knowledge by the attorney who drafted the will.

Hiring your own Miami estate attorney when you are either representing an estate or are even a beneficiary and expect there may be problems is always the best choice when a loved one dies. When an estate is not handled appropriately, not only can there be family rifts, but if not handled right from the beginning, there can be huge amounts of money that get spent on legal fees to handle mistakes, rather than having that money go to beneficiaries as intended. A Miami estate attorney will know all of the proper procedures, along with what types of taxes may or may not need to be paid, what forms need to be filed or sent out, what debts need to be paid, etc. Do not assume that this is something that will just be known by the attorney your family has always used. Call the Law Offices of Albert Gurevich at (786) 522-1411.