Under Florida probate laws, every fiduciary that is granted letters of administration regarding the administration of a Miami estate is required to execute and file a surety bond which must be approved by the Clerk, unless the bond requirement is waived by the decedent’s will, all the beneficiaries or by the Miami-Dade Probate Court. Banks and trust companies are exempt from Florida surety bond requirements when they are serving in the capacity of a personal representative. Any interested person can file a petition to waive the bond, require a bond, request an increase or decrease of a bond or the Court may do so on their own authority.

A fiduciary bond is usually required in Miami. To obtain the bond, you need to fill out a bond application. If the bond is denied, it is best to look for a Miami estate attorney to find out the next step. If you need an estate attorney to help you filing a bond in Miami, give us a call at (786) 522-1411.